Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time to check your protection from BREAST CANCER

Yes!  We want to help you get the most protection you can from breast cancer.

I offer you the the opportunity to learn your level of protection: with a 30 second hand scan and immediate result, giving you YOUR Skin Carotenoid Score, with our Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner.  Then we can review your lifestyle choices and show you which ones increase your level of protection.

Prior posts have reviewed the large scientific studies demonstrating that more carotenoids mean fewer breast cancers!  See Carotenoids Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer.

In a prior post (Scanner Score and Breast Cancer RISK REDUCTION), I discussed the Scanner Score and its meaning for breast cancer and YOU!  

The Pharmanex BioPhotonice Scanner (see more Scanner specifics and Scanner Science) is the most reliable way to measure YOUR carotenoid level.  We can help you raise your level: How to Improve YOUR Antioxidant Score.

Imagine: fewer chronic diseases and cancers when we all have high carotenoid scores!  Call for your appointment today; 512-451-5788.

Together we can prevent 90,000 breast cancer cases this year.

The content is general and not personal medical advice, but call to arrange a time to find out YOUR Skin Carotenoid Score and tell a friend.

Monday, October 6, 2014

FREE Antioxidant Scores this week only!

We have seen in the recent posts that the higher the carotenoid score the lower your risk for breast cancer.  See my last post about carotenoids and breast cancer.

Now we have the best way to measure your antioxidant state: The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner.  In just 30 seconds you can know your score and the higher the score the lower the risk for breast cancer.  

This week (Oct 6-10) in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we are doing FREE hand scans!  In just 30 seconds you can learn your level of protection from breast cancer and if yours is low we can tell you how to improve it.  Call 512-451-5788 for your 15 minute appointment and tell a friend.

Together we can prevent 90,000 breast cancer cases this year!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MORE carotenoids means FEWER Breast Cancers

Data from two very large studies (Evidence Suggests Breast Cancer Prevention from Carotenoids) noted a decrease risk for breast cancer with higher carotenoids levels.  The first study reported on a review of 24 population-based studies and the second represented 80% of the available research using blood levels of carotenoids.  In each report higher levels of carotenoids compared to lower levels demonstrated a 20-30% reduced breast cancer risk! 

But now we can do even better than draw blood: a painless hand scan.  The science of skin carotenoid measurement used by the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner has been validated by many studies.  Read more in my May5, 2014 post.

Come get your 30-second hand scan and immediately learn your level of protection from breast cancer (and many other diseases).  We can help you learn what to do to raise your level (and lower your risk) in just 2 months!

Call today: 512-451-5788 to set up a "scan time".

Together we can prevent 90,000 breast cancers this year.

This is general content and not personal medical advice, but I think everyone should get a scan!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Study shows children vegetable intake still too low.

And a Kansas State University nutritionist says lunch might be the answer.  The complete Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report can be found at CDC report.

In the past few years there have been improvements in children 2-18 years:

  • more whole fruits
  • less fruit juice (nutritious but high in calories!)
  • BUT still not enough vegetables

According to the report the average american eats only 1.3 servings of vegetables a day.  In Kansas 22% reported eating less than one serving of vegetables a day and that report includes french fries as a vegetable option!  

Dr Proctor, the author of the study suggests that as parents prepare for back to school time, they should think of adding vegetables to the lunch pack.

That brings to mind another use of the BioPhotonic Scanner.  Keeping in mind Tuesday's post, bringing the scan score up could be motivator.  I know some school children who are motivated by competition.  Get an initial scan for your child, pack extra fruit and veggies and come back to rescan in one month.  Studies have shown increases in Skin Carotenoid Score with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and we could show the proof to the child in a fun way.  Your score went up!  So the child wants to continue: a good habit is born!
No change. Maybe she did not eat those veggies packed especially for her.  Enough said.
Call to set up a 30 second scan for your child, 512-451-5788.

A good habit born early: higher Skin Carotenoid Scores are associated with fewer breast cancers.

Together we can prevent 90,000 breast cancer cases this year!

This is general content and not personal medical advice.  The scanner can be a great motivator!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How healthy are your children?

We cited evidence in the last post about how increasing your scanner score (measuring Skin Carotenoids) was correlated with fewer breast cancers.

Today, I cite a recent article in the Jr of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Skin Carotenoids: A Biomarker of Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Children, evaluating Skin Carotenoid Scores in children ages 5-17 years.

We know that eating more fruits and vegetables is a healthier choice, but how do you know what your children really eat?

In this report, levels of skin carotenoids (BioPhotonic Scanner, no needle stick, 30 second hand scan, immediate result) correlated with serum carotenoids (drawing blood).  That means, in the words of the authors, "skin carotenoids may be used as a valid biomarker of fruit and vegetable intake among children".   

If you want to know how healthy your children are, particularly as they go off to school, then bring them in for a 30 second, painless hand scan to learn what they are really eating!  We have flexible hours for appointments for only $20 per scan.  We could even arrange to come to your school or soccer practice.

Get them started early making healthy choices!

Together we can prevent 90,000 breast cancer cases this year and more next year!

This is general content and not personal medical advice, but you may call 512-451-5788 to arrange a scan time.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Scanner Score and Breast Cancer RISK REDUCTION

You have read in my blog these ways to reduce your risk of ever getting breast cancer:

  • regular exercise
  • be lean
  • be active
  • eat more colorful vegetables
  • take high quality fish oil (omega3)
  • eat red apples, strawberries,red grapes
  • limit dietary fat
  • don't even think about smoking
  • get away from second hand smoke
  • take high quality antioxidant supplements
But, how do you know if these are working for you?

In my rent blog posts find the answer: Your Skin Carotenoid Score!

As it turns out, all of the listed ways to reduce your breast caver risk also increase your Skin Carotenoid Score (higher carotenoids lower breast cancer risk: http://drwinsett.blogspot.com/2014/05/carotenoids-reduce-your-risk-for-breast.html).

I need your help to get more people to scan and be healthy.  If you have been scanned then you know your scan score and how important it is.  If you want to help your friends and loved ones get a scan, I can help.  Have them call me to get a scan time (512-451-5788) or if you or someone you know wants to join me in my quest to scan everybody to motivate them toward optimal health I can show you how we can work together to reach that goal!  Call 512-451-5788 for meeting times.

Together we can prevent 90,000 breast cancer cases this year!

This is general content and not personal medical advice.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's never too late to exercise!

Yes, it's never too late to start exercising.  

A recent article in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention demonstrated that exercise, such as walking or the equivalent, 4 hours per week lowered the risk for breast cancer within 4 years of starting.  Furthermore, the risk went back up to the usual risk soon after a woman quit exercising.   

We have known for some time that women who regularly exercise have fewer breast cancers, but this study, following almost 60,000 postmenopausal women, demonstrated how quickly the benefit is accrued and that it is never to late to get the cancer reduction benefit of exercise.  

We can also measure the amount of the benefit with the BioPhotonic Scanner!  See my blog of January 9, 2014.  The scan score will move up because regular exercise helps wash out free radicals that damage tissue and DNA.

Let's get walking!

You or someone you know may be one of the 90,000 breast cancers prevented this year.

Remember this is general medical content and not personal medical advice, but if you don't know your Skin Carotenoid Score, you should come in to get a scan; 512-451-5788.